Electrician in Ariege / Haute Garonne, France


I installed a Solarventi on my house in January 2014.  Before really promoting them I decided see how it performed.  I have to admit this simple system seemed too good to be true initially, but thanks to the numerous videos and reports on the internet I bought one.

I am glad I invested in my SV14R.  I am really impressed with the extra warmth and fresh air it provides.  For my location in France it is ideal as the winter sun can produce very warm air.  If you have a house which stays cold on days like that then a Solarventi will help to lift the temperature and assist your heating.  It is especially useful in the Spring and Autumn when the daytime temperatures are high but cold at night.

There are hundreds of YouTube videos showing them in action all over the world.  This a video from the Solarventi website from an Australian installer.  Remember that the south facing walls in Australia don’t see the sun!

Please call if you would like to discuss the Solarventi!

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